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Not Everything in Life Can Be Neatly Folded

Professional Organizer


Professional Organizer Stephanie Delaney, has a knack for sorting out other people’s lives, but her's is a mystery. Messy relationships, family secrets and looming bills make this professional organizer’s work/life balance a work-in-progress.


Totally Disorganized Woman is a contemporary story, about the day-to-day life of a newly single woman in a newly started business that can’t be de-cluttered or neatly organized. Stephanie’s clients are a wild adventure and a detective story worth solving. After a crumbled marriage and failed first career, Stephanie Delaney's To-Do List has changed priorities; succeeding as a Professional Organizer is now at the top and her love life is on the bottom. As her video blog slowly but surely promotes her services and unexpectedly resonates with a growing audience, she helps them learn to let go, while gaining insight into herself. With clients, she’s the Philosopher Queen of Sticky notes, the life sorter extraordinaire. Her secret is that in her own life Stephanie gets stuck in a rut, lost in her work and in over her head. 


With help from her crazy clients and work team, Stephanie starts on a journey of self discovery. Working with a ballsy home stager and a cocky contractor, Stephanie takes on the messiest of jobs and the emotional ride her clients take while hoping to hold on or let go – in the process, gives her insight into herself.

Programming Genre: Humor, Women,

Episodes: 13 x 30 minutes

Demographics: 18-45

Format: HD /4K

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